Head of Marketing, Metagenics Australia
Brett Ballantine
Pain Researcher & CEO, AFT Pharmaceuticals
Dr Hartley Atkinson
Gastroenterologist & Endoscopist, Mater Hospital Brisbane
Dr Yoon An
Chair, QCPP Working Group
Simon Blacker
Chief Marketing Officer, Blooms The Chemist
Pamela Bishop
Community Pharmacist & Practitioner/Teacher, Graduate School of Health, Univ...
John Bell
CEO, Sherpa
Duncan Brett
Steven Bradbury OAM
President, Australasian College of Pharmacy
Michelle Bou-Samra
Director, Lease 1
Philip Chapman
Shadow Minister for Health and Aged Care
The Hon Mark Butler MP
John Briggs Consultancy
John Briggs
General Manager, Guild Digital
Aaron D'Souza
Founder & Managing Director, Share the Dignity
Rochelle Courtenay
Philip Chindamo
Head of the Department of Medicine, Monash University
Professor Peter Ebeling
Executive Officer, Pharmacists’ Support Service (PSS)
Kay Dunkley
Founder & CEO, Biowin
Jay Dhaliwal
Senior Manager – Business Support, Programs & Policy, The Pharmacy Guild o...
Nicole Floyd
Principal, Meridian Lawyers
Mark Fitzgerald
Advanced Pharmacist Advisor, Queensland Health
Nicolette Ellis
Principal Consultant & Pharmacist, e-MAS Medicine Advertising Service
Emi Gosling
Managing Director, Corporate Financial Services P/L
Richard Gorman
Chief Executive, Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand
Andrew Gaudin
Professor of Physiotherapy, Macquarie University
Mark Hancock
Hospital Pharmacist
Tony Hall
National Executive Director, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Suzanne Greenwood
National Manager, Quality Care Pharmacy Program
Chloe Hennessy
IBD nurse
Heidi Jensen Harris
Business Support Manager, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland Branch
Andrew Harman
Chief Executive Officer, National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA)
Doug Hoey
Dr Vincent Ho
Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Australia
Lee Hickin
Rheumatology Clinician Researcher
Professor David Hunter
Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care
The Hon Greg Hunt MP
Education & Training Manager, PCCA
Marina Holt
Medical Director, Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre
Dr Marianne Jauncey
Chief Economist, CommSec
Craig James
Addiction Medicine Specialist, Monash Health
Dr David Jacka
Director, Kokoda RX
Greg Kearns
Founder and Director, Pharmacy Platform
Steven Kastrinakis
Community Pharmacist
Paul Jones
Chief Economist, Citibank
Stephen Koukoulas
National Manager Marketing and Communications, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Tiffany King
Pharmacist & Senior Project Office, NT Health
Sam Keitaanpaa
Chair, Consumer Health Products Australia
Phil Lynch
National Clinical Education Manager, Kimberly-Clark
Emi Loveday
Chair, Medicines Australia
Dr Anna Lavelle
Community Pharmacist (Canada)
Matthew Manz
Head of Data and Information Solutions, Pharmacy Platform
Richard Manthey
Chief Pharmacist, Australasian College of Pharmacy
Dr Brett MacFarlane
Assistant Director of Pharmacy, Mater Health Services
Dr Treasure McGuire
Director of Advertising Education and Assurance, Therapeutic Goods Administratio...
Leanne McCauley
Shadow Assistant Minister for Mental Health and Shadow Assistant Minister for Ca...
Emma McBride
Trends Expert
Michael McQueen
General Manager for Managed Services, Fred IT Group
Andrew McManus
Professor Andrew McLachlan
Founding Chairman, Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association
Dr Colin Mendelsohn
Anna Meares OAM
Founder & Managing Director of PainWISE
Joyce McSwan
Pain Researcher (Semi-Retired)
Professor Andrew Moore
President, The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand
Cameron Monteith
CEO, Pharmacy Platform
Roger Millichamp
Senior Staff Specialist in Endocrinology, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
Professor Craig Munns
Clinical Pharmacist
Adj Assoc Prof. Geraldine Moses
Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, QUT Business School
Professor Gary Mortimer
Professional Practice Pharmacist, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland Br...
Khanh Nguyen
Head of Strategic Sales, GuildLink
Amanda Nancarrow
CEO, Fred IT Group
Paul Naismith
Head of Strategy & Partnerships, Pharmacy Platform
Andrew Pattinson
Co-founder, Doctors with Disabilities Australia
Dr Dinesh Palipana OAM
Senior Pharmacist, Mater Hospital (Brisbane)
David Pache
Director of Research, National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM)
Associate Professor Dr Karin Ried
Community Pharmacist
Angelo Pricolo
CEO, TerryWhite Chemmart
Duncan Phillips
APP Chairman
Kos Sclavos AM
Senior Advisor, Wesfarmers Limited
Guy Russo
Assistant Secretary Provider Support and Systems Branch – Benefits Integrity a...
Dr Harry Rothenfluh
Cyber Security Outreach, Commonwealth Bank
Adam Smallhorn
Managing Director, Medici Capital
Frank Sirianni​
Chair, Pharmacy Board of Australia
Brett Simmonds
Senior Medical Affairs Associate, Aspen Pharmacare Australia
Michele Thai
Wound Management Expert
Associate Prof Geoff Sussman
CEO, Blooms The Chemist
Phillip Smith
Managing Director, Alive Pharmacy Group
Georgina Twomey
Dr Philip Tong
Head of Research and Development, Max Biocare Pty Ltd
George Thouas
Head of Retail, Blooms The Chemist
Emmanuel Vavoulas
Proprietor, Southcity Pharmacy
Luke van der Rijt
National President, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Trent Twomey
Community Pharmacist
Lucy Walker
Director of Medical Research, Medlab Clinical
Professor Luis Vitetta
Chair, National Pharmaceutical Services Association
Richard Vincent
Chief Health Officer (CHO), Queensland
Dr Jeannette Young
Professional Officer, PDL
Georgina Woods
Principal, Meridian Lawyers
Sharlene Wellard
Optometrist, Alcon Australia
Megan Zabell
2020 Guild Pharmacy of the Year Winner
Rebecca Young







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