The times are changing faster than ever - technologically, demographically, socially, and economically. In the ongoing quest for relevance, it is imperative that businesses and leaders observe the changes, understand the shifts and respond to the trends.

Social researcher and trends analyst, Mark McCrindle understands these rapidly changing times better than most. As the owner of social research business McCrindle Research, Mr McCrindle investigates social trends, how communities think, influences on society, and how populations or communities can be better engaged.

This month, he will be sharing his knowledge with APP2020 delegates and advising them on how to better engage with their customers, teams and communities.

Mr McCrindle’s session will provide an overview of consumer macro segments and emerging micro segments, and how community pharmacies can analyse and track new consumer cohorts.

“We’re more culturally diverse than ever,” Mr McCrindle said. “That means the customer is more nuanced than ever. One size doesn’t fit all.”

“And of course, we’re living longer than ever. So there’s quite a longevity boom, which means we’ll have a wide range of customers, but more older customers, looking for health remedies.”

 “All those demographic trends we see in data directly impact on who walks into the pharmacy and how we engage with and bring the best to them.”

As well as being a social researcher, Mr McCrindle is a TEDx Speaker and a member of the Advisory Council for Medicines Australia.

His session ‘Understanding and engaging with the ever changing customer’ will be held during APP2020 on Friday, 20 March at 11.00am.

For more details about this and other sessions, visit the APP2020 website at APP takes place from 19-22 March at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

03 MAR 2020

Understanding and engaging with the ever-changing customer








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